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Picking out a palette is hard especially when there are so many to choose from. Narrowing down what you need can be hard, we often end up buying “hype” products without thinking if we would even use them. Take the short quiz and see what you might fall under! Don’t be afraid to look into the other letters too :) 

** so many good palettes I didn’t end up putting in like It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty or The Balm’s Nude’tude** 

Listed Palettes: 

A’s: Lorca Skinny Palette Nude, Maybelline The Nudes, Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate, Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, Hard Candy Naturally Gorgeous

- These colors are neutrals but most of them come with a kick like the Hard Candy’s has a very specific golden tone to it or the Lorac comes with a nice earthy green. NYX’s shadow Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yogurt will go nice in the corners and as a base

B’s:  ELF Baked Shadow, Urban Decay Naked 3, Too Faced Pretty Rebel, Sephora Naked Shadow The Tropics 

- I am a B, I like my neutrals but I enjoy mixing it up with some color sometimes. The baked color palettes not only come in very “mystical” colors out they have a very cool finish that takes that nude eye up a notch! Naked 3=life 

C’s: Sephora Baked Eye and Face Luxury, Urban Decay Electric Pigment Palette, Kat Von D Chrysalis, Lorac Pro, ELF Beauty School 32

- God bless you adventurous kids who do things with color I could only dream of! I know you already own a ton of color but these have a good mix of color, neutral and satin/matte for travel and connivence. Kat Von D’s stays on through anything the Electric is pigment so you can put that mess anywhere.

D’s: Urban Decay Naked Basics, Bobbi Brown Pastel Brights, Too Faced Boudoir Eyes, Stila Beauty In The Buff  

-Whether it’s school, parents, work, or personal preference you keep it super light and subtle but if you feel like branching out, these palettes have a good balance. Boudoir Eyes is incredibly soft and the Bobbi Brown is just a wash of subtle color. Stila’s palette comes with a face highlighter and very light bronzer to give you that natural glow.  

Anonymous asked: that lip gloss is the atomic lip gloss from the make up store. as to how to attain it...i am unsure.


Oooh! Well thank you, anon!

Sadly, there is no online store for the US. Life is lame sometimes.


Really sick of men telling me what I can and cannot wear on my face.

Transformative Power of Makeup

"For Urban Decay, makeup is about individuality and self-expression. We’re about revealing who you are to the world and daring to express yourself, as opposed to covering your flaws. We truly believe that the transformative power of makeup is liberating for women. Check out how we transforms one of our favorite models, Enjoy!"


BLOODY MARY- Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Halloween tutorials are officially here! Goldiestarling is the authority on Halloween and Special FX makeup in general. Check her channel out!


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